Litigation Support

Risk Management Strategies will support you in every phase of the litigation process.


  • Evaluate case — Discuss case background and causes of action.
  • Strategy/Planning — Develop questions and list of items to be requested during discovery.


  • Review material — Review documents and depositions produced by both plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Strategy/Planning — Assist with the development of litigation strategy.


  • Opponent’s Expert Witnesses — Develop questions to be posed during depositions. Review expert witness testimony.
  • Attend Testimony of Opponent’s Expert Witnesses — Develop questions and review testimony.
  • Deposition — Provide testimony when required by opposing counsel.


  • Written Report — Produce a written report when required by the court.
  • Expert Testimony — Provide summary of opinions.
  • Testimony Demonstratives — Prepare supporting exhibits including graphs, charts and spreadsheets.

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